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coblonde 22nd Sep, 2011+0
says it is about a 0% discover card and keeps asking for more information to run your credit
emix 11th Sep, 2011+0
harrassing phone calls with recorded message... tried to call number back but get a recording that all agents are busy and to hold
Marla 8th Sep, 2011+0
They are a direct sales company of Scentura Creations products. If you want to know who they really are google "Wholesale Fragrances Company St. Louis" You'll get all the info you need.
Boycandy 31st Aug, 2011+0
the lady said she needed by SS card and picture id faxed to her for verification of who i was. we had just applied for a loan earlier in the week, but that lady said she had all the info she needed.
ramesh 27th Aug, 2011+0
they offering a pldt long distance call when i said i am not interested and hang up they call again using unknown number i thought different caller first its silent then a girl talk saying no no no no yes yes yes yes i said hello she repeated again so i get upset i told if mother f- had nothing to do stop calling and oi hang up and they call again and the guy i spoke the first time he said f- you to me.
suzie 22nd Aug, 2011+0
It is a company trying to force or scare you into paying a debt. I would complain and let someone know that you are being harassed.
chocolatebar 18th Aug, 2011+0
pretend to be cops trying to scam people out of money they have no proof u owe money no records so why dont somebody put a stop to this
Billy Locklear 17th Aug, 2011+0
says that they are calling for my 13 yr old daughter....when i asked what the call was about they got all defensive and called my daughter a him and not a her. then i proceeded to tell them that she was 13 and he couldnt get off the phone fast enough.
wallyps 28th Jul, 2011+0
called for no reason
phea 24th Jul, 2011+0
The left a message, but did no reveal who they were. I called the number 3 times and got a message - customer care center we can't answer the phone now so leave us your name and number . . .
any farb 17th Jul, 2011+0
called meat 1:10p central - didn't leave a message.
tameaka smith 7th Jul, 2011+0
I keep getting phone calls from this number but only get a hang-up on my voicemail. Who is this?

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